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"We had an excellent time--one of the best two days we had in Japan."
Jennifer, San Francisco USA

Join the herd!

We understand that by the time you get to the Moooo! Bar, you will likely be either a tired templed-out tourist or an overworked expat anxious to release some stress. Indeed, this country can drive one to drinking. While we understand this, the Moooo! Bar encourages responsible drinking. Since there is no such thing in Japan, however, we ask you to adhere to the following Moooo! Bar rules:

To help us maintain our peaceful island atmosphere, do not raise your voice louder than a moo. Quiet lowing is acceptable, if not encouraged.

No bullfighting allowed.

Cows drink for free and any person named Ferdinand gets a free drink. People disguised as cows get a free drink. If it's your birthday and you can moo, you get a free drink. No one else gets a free drink.

Camping on the beach is free, but you must take your garbage home with you when you leave. There are no garbage cans or people to clean up after campers--that's why it's free!

If you must drink until the cows come home, do it the Japanese way by eventually falling asleep at the bar, to then be carted off by your friends. No abusive language or racousness. Such behaviour is just not the Japanese way.

No alcohol or food is allowed to be brought on the premises of either San-chan's or the Moooo! Bar. I know, we shouldn't have to say this, but we do, so we did. Normal restaurant and bar rules apply. You wouldn't normally take your own food or liquor into to a restaurant or bar in your own country, would you? If it's the off-season, you can bring your own liquor to San-chan's as long as you pay corkage of 500 yen per person. This is only in the off-season. If you don't pay corkage, please don't sit at their tables and chairs on the beach. They may not say anything to you, but believe me, you'll be black-listed forever. Is it really worth it for just 500 yen? Please play by the rules.

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