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"Just really wanted to say how absolutely thrilled we all were that Shiraishi was part of our trip, right up there in the most memorable dept. Personally I think your Island is a delight; an escape from the world.....what a trip!"

Kevin, USA

Shiraishi Reservations

Shiraishi Reservations is a liaison service set up by the Moooo! Bar to help facilitate communications between foreign visitors and island residents. We provide the following free services:

* Booking into local accommodations (except the International Villa)

* Transportation from the port to your accommodation (except for the International Villa, which requires you to walk up a hill via a footpath to get to it).

* Weather updates for typhoons and inclement weather

* Language assistance should you need it anytime during your stay on Shiraishi Island. We speak English, Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian and Australian.

*Receiving minshuku deposits and booking fees where applicable.

We can be reached anytime from March 1st to November 1at the following email:

Shiraishi Reservations

Shiraishi International Villa

We no longer have any connection to the Shiraishi International Villa so please make reservations through their own website at:

Shiraishi International Villa Reservations

Amagiso Ryokan and Minshuku

Amagiso Ryokan is the newest and cleanest accommodation on the island. Room rates are 4,500 yen per person per night (no meals). These are newly furnished rooms. There is one room with 3 beds in it, all other rooms have futons. They also have a room that can fit 5 or more people on futons. Japanese style bath and nice showers.. Western toilets down the hall. 
Amagiso is on the beach and the views are excellent. It is a quiet alternative. There are no cooking facilities and they only serve meals upon request during the high season. 
Amagiso also has an older 2-story "minshuku" (the building on the right side in the picture, ryokan on the left) for groups or those on a budget. This is Japanese style, with three 6-tatami mat rooms on the first floor and three 6-tatami mat rooms on the second floor. The rooms are separated by Japanese style sliding doors. We recommend two people per 6-mat room but up to four people can stay in a squeeze. Sheets, pillows and futons provided. The price is 4,000 yen per person per night.There is a small bath and shower and a Western style toilet. All rooms face the sea.
There is a BBQ area which guests at both the ryokan and the minshuku can use but you must purchase your own charcoal (available at the local store).

For reservations contact us at Shiraishi Reservations


A restaurant and bar which offers no-frills accommodations, San-chan's is the cheapest minshuku on the island and has five rooms (not all facing the beach). Rooms are 3,000 yen per person per night. Add 500 yen if you want breakfast. Food can also be bought separately from their menu, "izakaya" style.

San-chan's has two rooms with two single beds in them and flat screen TVs. The other three rooms have futons.

All rooms include shared Western toilet and Japanese style bath. Fun, local atmosphere. Free internet and wireless for those who bring their own laptops.

Please note that San-chan's is a back-packer style, budget accommodation. If you like to drink and hobnob with the locals, this is the place for you. If you find yourself saying things like "I'm not as young as I used to be," this place is probably not for you. Emphasis on rustic, no frills.

Payment method: cash only
If you speak any Japanese at all, or a mixture of Japanese and English, please book directly by calling them at: +81-86-568-3169 (int'l) or 086-568-3169 (local).

Otherwise we'll take your booking at: 

Shiraishi Reservations

Shiraishi Guest House

Facebook Page Here (photos and video)

Formerly Minshuku Harada, this accommodation has been converted into a guesthouse and is now run by Sanchan's next door. There are five rooms with futons, Western toilets down the hall, and a shared shower. Shared kitchen and refrigerator. Free WiFi. 3,000 yen per person per night. 
Be aware that there is a 9 pm quiet time enforced inside the guesthouse. You may continue talking/drinking outside on the beach in front, however.
Payment method: cash only

If you speak any Japanese at all, or a mixture of Japanese and English, please book directly by calling them at: +81-86-568-3169 (int'l) or 086-568-3169 (local). You can also book directly through their Facebook page above. 

Otherwise we'll take your booking at:

Shiraishi Reservations


For other more budget-type options, contact Shiraishi Reservations:

Shiraishi Reservations

View of Seto Inland Sea from hiking trail

Shiraishi sunset from the beach

The preist blesses the sea

Amagiso Ryokan

Amagiso Pond

The Moooo! Bar and Calfe

Shiraishi Beach

The Shiraishi Bon Dance is performed in August

View from room of Shiraishi Guest House

Moooo! House

Moooo! Bar, Shiraishi Island, Japan