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"We had a fantastic time on Shiraishi-jima! Thanks for your awesome service."

Jodie & Alex, Australia

There are two beach bars and one restaurant on Shiraishi in the summertime: There's the Moooo! Bar (cocktails, wine, beer and snacks), there's a nameless tent with beer taps run by a guy called Keiji, and then there's San-chan's restaurant that serves fresh sashimi, noodles, donburi dishes, yakisoba, etc. and BBQ's on the beach as well as draft beer, sake, shochu, and chuhai.

Moooo! Bar & Calfe

Beer, wine, cocktails (such as moogaritas and pina mooladas), milkshakes, desserts, snacks, hot dogs and the only Western breakfast on the island. 


Moooo! Bar, Shiraishi Island, Japan