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Moooo! Games Animals

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Moooo! Animal Games with CD, bilingual game cards and figurines

(Includes 7 60-minute lesson plans)

Moooo! Games Animals
Based on real games used in the English classroom, children learn English while listening to a CD and playing along with the games. Parents or non-English speakers can follow along with bilingual (Japanese and English) cards. Repeat the CD with the games as often as you like so the children will hear native English again and again.

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"This innovative approach for introducing children to zoo animals is ideal for Japanese parents and teachers. Children can see and touch the animals while the native-English speaker exposes the child to natural English and gives the parent/ teacher support on the CD. Such team work makes everyone a winner!"

Helene Uchida, President Little America Inc.

"The fast tempo of the CD and the 12 animal figures keep children's interest. By just listening, children will soon be mimicking and speaking just like the CD. Some children will further use their newfound language skills to make up their own games, thus expanding their language learning naturally. These are amazing learning tools for kids. As a first step in English learning, I recommend Moooo! Games."

Takako Ogawa, Owner Himawari English School